1. March 2015

    1. Barn Owl Wireless Makes The Papers

      New Statesman highlights Barn Owl Wireless

      One of the really interesting projects we have worked on over the last few years is Barn Owl Wireless. It has been live for several years and is it good to know that it is finally getting some of the recognition it deserves.

      Our customer Martin Lishman is one of the premier manufacturers and distributors

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  1. August 2015

    1. Chippenham Tech Chat: Creating MicroServices - Ruby vs. Java

      July’s Chippenham Tech Chat meetup was a compare-and-contrast based on setting up a simple microservice in Java (using Spring Boot) and Ruby.

      It was very interesting to see the two different approaches taken. There was very little Java code written...

      • Architecture
      • Microservices
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      • Ruby
  2. June 2015

    1. Chippenham Tech Chat: Doing It For Real What I Learnt About Microservices

      Tonight’s Chippenham Tech Chat will feature two presentations: Jonathan Chard is going to give an overview of Apache Spark, and the Data Bricks Cloud Platform, and I’ll be speaking on “Doing It For Real: What I Learnt About Microservices”

      In the talk...

      • Architecture
      • Microservices
      • Presentations