1. May 2017

    1. "The Challenge of Legacy Assets" and "Adventures in Remotely Updating Linux Devices in a Production Environment"

      My Notes from Bristol and Bath Internet of Things Meetup 15th May 2017

      Last night I attended my first Bristol and Bath Internet of Things Meetup. There were two main talks (The Challenge of Legacy Assets and Adventures in Remotely Updating Linux Devices in a Production Environment), a few one-slide lightning introductions...

      • Bristol and Bath Internet of Things Meetup
      • IoT
      • Linux
      • Wireless Sensors
      • Yocto
      • notes
  2. December 2016

    1. Updating Old Entity Framework (EF4) Models in Visual Studio 2013/2015

      If you try and update an Entity Framework model from an earlier version of EF (say EF 4.3) in Visual Studio 2013 or 2015, you will find that Visual Studio will create a couple of T4 (.tt) files and your solution will no longer compile.

      Of course,...

      • EF
      • Entity Framework
      • Programming
      • Visual Studio 2013
      • Visual Studio 2015
      • Walk-Through
  3. November 2016

    1. What Has Erlang Ever Done For Me? Part II - Web Services & Webmachine

      What Erlang taught me about... Writing Web Services

      Following on from our introduction to this series, we consider a radically different way of looking at writing Web services.

      It is pretty well understood how you would write a Web service endpoint in most frameworks. Generally they are based on a...

      • Erlang
      • Programming
      • Web Services
      • Webmachine
      • Webmachine for Ruby
    2. What Has Erlang Ever Done For Me? Part I - Introduction

      The learnings of a non-Erlang programmer on Erlang

      My name is Rob and I am not an Erlang programmer. So why should I be writing a series of blog posts on what I’ve learned from Erlang?

      We don’t always need to learn a different language to gain benefit from it. Every language draws a community around...

      • Erlang
      • Programming
  4. October 2016

    1. Using Spek with Maven

      Running Spek tests with the Maven Build System

      In this article we do a brief walk-through on how to use Maven to compile and run tests written using the Spek framework. Although we will be using the Kotlin language throughout similar steps are will be appropriate if you wish to use Spek specifications...

      • Java
      • Kluent
      • Kotlin
      • Maven
      • Spek
      • Testing
      • Walk-Through