How We Charge

We believe that pricing should be transparent and hiring us should be as low-risk as possible. Here's the deal: no long-term commitment, pay only for the time you use. No lock-in - you keep all the intellectual property rights on the work we do. Don't pay for the time you don't use. Don't pay for us to be sat waiting for something to complete.

We can work on-site or off-site. When working on-site we bill by the day. Off-site, in fifteen minute multiples. If you don't like what we do, then you never have to pay another penny. Try us? - we're sure you'll be delighted.

Dealing With Large Data Imports

For one client, we had a large data import process that could take several hours to run. We would start the process, and then continue with work for other clients. When the process had finished, we would start our analysis. Our client only paid for the time we were working on their behalf.

No Overhead, No Long-Term Costs

For one client we were initially working about 1 day/week. Over time as their staff became more experienced the amount of assistance they required has reduced to individual questions and issues. Normally we are able to give them what they need with a short telephone conversation or email. Our client only pays for the time we are working with them.

We always deliver value...  because we want you to come back for more!