Make Your Budget Go Further

In today's competitive marketplace, companies are always looking to gain that ‘edge’.

Corporate I.T. can help to deliver that edge: delivering better information more quickly and helping employees across the enterprise be more productive.

Seeking to gain this edge, some companies spend large amounts of money on big servers or buying in new software.

But there is an alternative.

Accessing data can often be speeded up by modifying software rather than buying new expensive servers. Carefully looking end-to-end at the way software is used can highlight areas where small alterations pay big dividends.

New Communications

Our client provided their customers with a nightly data feed over a costly, private network.

As their number of customers grew, and the volume of data increased, the reliability of the network decreased and the cost increased. This resulted in a large, costly support burden.

Working with the in-house team, we designed and implemented a secure and reliable transfer mechanism that would operate over the Internet. The transfer mechanism was a drop-in replacement for their expensive private network, so the rest of their systems were not impacted. This new method removed the capacity limits of the existing network, and reduced the time it took to perform the data transfer at a fraction of cost. As we had worked with the developers, they were able to support the system in-house. It has proved to be extremely reliable over time, resulting in less support costs for our client and greater satisfaction from their customers.

Contact us to see how we can help you to gain more effective, faster I.T. without a large outlay, and gain that competitive edge.