Smooth Business Processes

Business processes are computerised to enable people to do their jobs more effectively, but sometimes they seem to be more of a hindrance than a help.

Processes may have been shoe-horned into an unnatural sequence, limitations have to be worked-around and people are sat waiting for the computer to finish a task. All these lead to frustrated staff, and avoidable costs to your business.

Business applications don't have to be like that. Computer technology gives amazing flexibility as to what can be achieved – if you have the knowledge and experience to be able to harness it. We understand the technologies involved in producing good data-driven applications. We work with your development team to ensure that applications work the way people need them to work and are free from artificial limitations. Our skills in high-performance data access mean that people are able to spend their time working, not waiting. The result: staff get more done in less time.

Removing E-Shot Limitations

Our client wanted to send email mailshots to various specific groups of contacts, but was limited to 20,000 emails at a time due to limitations in the system. Even then, a single mailshot could take over 40 minutes to produce and only one mailshot could be generated at a time.

Our initial contact was an experienced developer. Following a short conversation with us, the time taken to execute one such query was reduced by over a factor of 40. We continued to work with this client looking at both the database and the data access software. As a result the limitation on mailshot size was eliminated, as was the restriction on the number of concurrent mailshots. In addition, the time taken to generate an individual mailshot was further reduced.