Rob Westwood

I love helping people to use technology to achieve new things.

I like learning new things which has meant I've picked up a variety of skills over my career, and I'm quick to make connections to see how something learnt in one context can be effectively applied in another.

My career started working for a hardware company making DSP boards - device drivers and bare-metal coding gave me a good understanding of the nitty-gritty low-end of a computer. My next job was for an early SaaS start-up, introducing me to the world of relational databases, web stack and Perl.

I have continued to work both with embedded devices (both with and without operating systems) and databases - expanding to using NoSQL stores as well as those using the relational model. Sometimes these two strands come together with work on systems which we would now refer to as 'Internet of Things'.

How to write architect and write software which is reliable and is able to be changed as new requirements come along is a question that I have been considering for my working life. I am interested in improvements to our programming languages (and the uses of functional programming in that) and good architecture - I have been a proponent of making good use of microservices.

Outside of work I am a husband and a Dad, I enjoy good coffee and good beer, long conversations on the deeper questions of life and go to concerts, gigs and folk festivals as often as I am able.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional