Extract Value From Data

It's a difficult world in which to do business. Companies that don't maximise their market opportunities and margins are those that will fall by the wayside.

The data in your database can help you. But turning that data into useful information can be hard – it may be valuable gold, but it's often buried deep under ground.

The traditional approaches are either to use a generic data mining tool, or to buy big expensive hardware and software to build a “data warehouse”. Often the information is too hard for the data mining tools to extract, and the data warehouse is an expensive option.

It may be possible to extract key business data direct from your main database without the expense of building and maintaining a data warehouse. It's all a matter of asking the right question in the right way. Those questions may become involved and complicated, but we have the knowledge and experience to write them.

Tracking Component Costs

A manufacturing company had an ERP system that was not giving visibility of the changes in costs of components being used in production.

The way that the data was being held by the ERP system meant that it was well beyond the capabilities of a generic data mining or reporting tool, but it is just the sort of question for which a data warehouse could be used. However, using our expertise in writing database queries for complex situations, we were able to write queries that could calculate the changes in component costs of various time periods without causing undue load on their ERP server. This information was made available via flexible reports accessed using a web browser.

Hence the client was able to keep a close eye on their costs and their margins, allowing them to buy and price more effectively, maximising their profitability.

We can advise as to the most cost-effective route to extract the key business information that you need to compete in today's business world.