Software Development Training

Have your software development staff trained in the areas where they need it most.

We tailor our training courses to meet the needs of our client's developers. Rather than focusing on the tools and the technology, we base our courses around the software our client is developing. Because we use the software developers are working on as part of the course they can see how to apply what they learn directly to their day to day work.

We tailor the content as required by the team including some or all of the following:

  • Software Architecture
  • Scaling Software
  • Software testing
  • Load testing

Training Remote Developers

The development team was slimmed down by removing expensive contractors. We helped train the remaining developers in the skills, previously been providedby the contractors. As the developers were based offshore and were not permitted large blocks of time for professional development, we created a series of short seminars via web-based meetings allowing them to see practical and directly relevant examples of the techniques required. These seminars covered improving database performance and user interface design. Simultaneously we showed good practice in how to make code cleaner and more maintainable.


Peter is one of the best software experts I got a chance to work with. I am highly impressed and influenced by his depth of knowledge and clarity of thought.

In addition to being an authority on .NET and SQL Server, Peter is also a great coach and a trainer. His training sessions on WinForms and SQL Server performance tuning were truly remarkable.

Ajay Chani - Architect at Wipro Technologies

Talk to us to see how you can enjoy the benefit of targeted, effective training delivered to a flexible schedule – and probably for less cost than going to an external training provider with their pre-written courses.