Technical Evaluation & Prototyping Service

Looking up from our day-to-day work is hard sometimes.

All that time the technology world is changing so quickly that technologies that can have a real impact on your business just flash by.

Those ideas which can help the business just remain as ideas in the back of somebody's head.

We Can Help You

We can help you by performing a technology evaluation on your behalf:

  • By analysing the cost/benefit of deploying a new technology
  • By evaluation and advising on technology selection for a new project
  • By producing a prototype system for you test out those new ideas.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are independent - we are not allied to any vendor, we don't have a product we want you to buy. If we don't think something will help you, we will tell you so.
  • We are experienced - Peter has over 20 years experience in the industry, Rob has over 16.
  • We have a wide perspective - our work with a variety of clients means we understand what works and what doesn't in many situations; and because our clients keep coming back that perspective is based on long-term experience.

Batch Processing Taking Too Long

Our client had a batch processing operation which generated files for each of their customers containing pricing information. Every customer had their own file. The files had to be on each of their customer's systems before the start of the business day.

As their business grew and the number of their customers increased, they hit two problems:

  1. the files were taking too long to generate on their in-house servers, and
  2. once the files were generated the amount of data to be transferred was more than their Internet connection could transfer in time.

Our client wondered whether migrating to running the workload in the Cloud might solve their problem.

We investigated the performance characteristics of their particular batch on the two leading Cloud platforms, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, together with costings as to how much they could expect to pay. We also looked on how well the workload would scale as their customer base continued to grow.

On the basis of our report the application was successfully migrated to run on Microsoft Azure. The time taken to generate the files was greatly reduced and they were no longer transferring data over their own Internet connection so they could get the files to their customers by the start of the day.

In addition, as this was an overnight batch process then they only needed to pay for their compute services while the batch was running, resulting in a large cost savings.