Troubleshooting - for Software Development Teams

Are your IT projects struggling to deliver value on time and within budget? If so you are not alone.

We work with software development teams in a range of circumstances. These range from hard-to-solve technical issues such as software architecture and performance through to 'soft skills' like improving the software development processes.

Depending on the issues faced by the development team and the stakeholders we tailor the discovery process. Where possible we visit site and interview key members of the development process:

  • Review software development processes
  • Look at team morale and level of engagement
  • Map skills require for product and those possessed by team
  • Spend time with team members performing their role
  • Review requirements gathering and business communication with development staff
  • Discuss key outstanding issues and how previous issues were handled

Having completed the review we present findings to the management team and those involved in the review process with recommendations. Then we are on hand to work with the development team and stakeholders to formulate an action plan. Then over a mutually agreed timeframe we visit to track the progress of the plan.

Can The Project Go Live On Time?

A large project that had been running for a couple of years was due to be going live in a matter of months. When the project came under the control of a new manager we were asked in to review its progress. After two days of talking to the developers, testers and business analysis we reported back to the manager. It was clear from speaking to the team members that there were issues on several fronts: deployment was fragile and time consuming; the development and test environments were poor and not being kept in sync with each other; system performance was not being tested; and the developers, testers and business analysts did not have a common set of success criteria.

Over the coming months we worked with the team to improve the software development environment, introduce more agile database development practices, improve delivery process, train staff on better open source tools replacing expensive proprietary tools, fix major bugs that were preventing the system going live and worked on system performance. We also helped with communication between the developers and testers, this reduced the amount of work that had to be redone due to misunderstandings.

Within a matter of months the system was live; all the the show-stopping bugs had been fixed, the required levels of performance for the application was being exceeded. Most importantly the testing, operations and development teams were all focusing on the same goals.

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